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Posted by ankoku_jin on 2006.06.02 at 22:32
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Tsubaki (formerly known as Jaelen, but he just looks like more of a Tsubaki) is finally nearing completion! He is the one and only Albino Pimp. XD All I have left to do on him are his fingernails, and to finish hemming his furry pimp-coat, although I am considering making him a fuzzy black top hat just to complete the look.

I'm going to get Ajzhke a new head soon, I think that the new Gretel head sculpt from Parabox is closer to the look I originally envisioned for her. Plus, I've gotten a heck of a lot better at faceups since I painted her, and she deserves a nice faceup like everyone else. ^~

Aaaaaand.... Ennyn'Tyaares (Souldoll Lupinus) is here! While I still think that Luts makes the highest quality dolls with the best-articulated joints, Souldoll has some super-smart innovations - like the magnetic head-cap and the neck-cap with built-in cradle for the S-hook. The hand sculpts are very nice indeed, more mature and "manly" while still being graceful. The torso sculpt is mighty nice, too, although the butt is a tad flat and the, er, boy-bits kind of lack definition. (Because EVERYONE looks!) The legs and arms have good definition, making the doll appear more mature than my Delf boys. Also, the mold marks are very light and will be easy to sand away. The fresh-from-the-mold resin finish is considerably rougher than the Luts finish, but a little bit of wet-sanding will smooth him right out.

Now to finish planning his outfit, which will be something of an epic adventure in itself....


Updates coming soon!

Posted by ankoku_jin on 2006.03.12 at 20:47
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I finally finished Ie'naie today, although I still want to make a necklace for her (have to do that at work because most of my bead stuff lives there). I'll try and get some pics of her and Zakuro up soon.

Jaelen has his faceup, body blushing, and new ivory wig, but I may re-do the faceup to be less high-contrast. The Luts "beauty white" skin is so incredibly white that it's a bit hard to work with.

And coming up soon, Ennyn'Tyaares! XD I just received his amazing 28" custom wig from Katie Bair, and I've decided to go with a 70cm Dollshe Hound body. I was originally going to wait for Obitsu to get its male 60cm body out, but they just keep pushing back the release date, and the Hound in Normal skintone really is perfect for him. o^^o


Not dead, just not done

Posted by ankoku_jin on 2006.02.06 at 11:55
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Getting closer to being done with Ie'naie -- the dress is what's killing me. I've handstitched along that damned 3-yard hemline at least 5 times, what with the crin tape, the lace, the gold ruched ribbon, more lace, and pearl trim. x_x The Swarovski crystals are a nice touch, though. ^^ Now I just have to secure her head, finish altering her wig, and make a few wee pieces of jewelry for her.

Zakuro is 99.9% done, he just needs to have his joints tightened and get a final clear-coating.

Poor Jaelen has been sitting around headless the last week, as the recent family emergency took its toll. He is sanded, awaiting his faceup, and needs a little more joint work. However, he already has a lovely white jacquard coat and a couple of pimp-coat prototypes made. ^~

Once Obitsu gets the male 60cm out (they're currently saying April), I'll finally get to work on Ennyn'Tyaares. o^_^o

Pikmin Aeris - huh? whuzzat?

[preview] Ie'naie and Zakuro

Posted by ankoku_jin on 2005.12.14 at 11:50
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Now that I've learned not to use a flash, I need to figure out why ImageReady likes to oversaturate everything and drive up the red so much. >_o

Ie'naieCollapse )

ZakuroCollapse )


Red ballgown (Obitsu 60cm)

Posted by ankoku_jin on 2005.12.04 at 11:00
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Materials: Poly lining, poly netting, glitter tulle, poly lace
Pattern: McCall's 8552 (enlarged top 172%, bottom 190% before alterations)
Notes: Bodice, miniskirt, and sleeves are made of sandwiched lining, lace, and tulle. Outer skirt is detachable. Sleeve seam stitched with elastic thread to allow easy dressing.

I find that the 1/8" eyelets with washers used by scrapbookers are perfect for 1:3 scale clothing. :3

Pictures...Collapse )


Iriena Ajzhke (Obitsu)

Posted by ankoku_jin on 2005.12.03 at 19:44
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Body: Obitsu 60cm 2-part white soft body, 60BD-F02W-G
Head: Obitsu standard eyehole head, 60HD-F02W-E
Eyes: Jeton acrylic 18mm Type C, green

My very first custom doll, I learned quite a bit from dealing with her....

Iriena in her standard outfit...Collapse )

Need to post some more pics, I've since painted in her tattoos and given her a set of option hands for this outfit.